Chroma The Great  is the new four track EP to be released by DAGGA DOMES in early 2020. 

Shifting from intricate pop melancholy through lo-fi electronica and toward 90's inspired tribal techno, the EP intends to show the furthest reaches of the Dagga Domes Collective sound. 

Of particular note is the collaboration with Larry Dundas  & Kenny Redz  on the track Byzantine,  providing a reimagined version of their original early 90's club track and bringing it back to life as the EP's emphatic closing piece.  

Each track will be made available across the first four months of the year and is due to be followed by a remixes and B-sides EP in the spring. 

"Chroma the Great is a character of the Phantom Tollbooth. As the conductor of the orchestra that colours every day his job is to conduct the sunrise and sunset."